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E-learning courses

Our suite of e-learning courses is designed to support carers and people working with carers – from commissioners and policy makers to front line practitioners in health and social care.

At a time when change is faster than ever, a key advantage of e-learning is that it has quicker delivery cycle times than traditional course instruction and it can be delivered at the fraction of the cost.

E-learning offers flexibility to learners and has a positive and direct impact by making it easy to learn and digest information. E-learning is a scalable, efficient and fast way to deliver support to carers and to those who work with them and it enables organisations to measure outcomes and tailor support.

Carers UK has brought its e-learning courses in house in order to provide the most up-to-date learning material to carers and professionals.

Our courses deliver Carers UK’s expertise directly to your PC, laptop, or tablet allowing carers and professionals to access a range of resources in their own time.

We are currently developing more e-learning courses so watch this space for more information. 

For each of the courses below we provide:

E-learning for you: Access any of our free or paid for e-learning resources by clicking on the links 

E-learning for your organisation:  As a service provider or employer you can purchase our e-learning courses to support your service users or employees with caring responsibilities. To discuss your specific requirements please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


  • About me

    Caring can be tough. This e-learning course helps carers find the support and resilience required to prevent it becoming overwhelming.

  • Good nutrition

    Managing the nutrition of the person you're caring for - without neglecting your own - can be a challenge. This course can help.


Digital Resource for Carers

Our Digital Resource for Carers brings together a number of digital products and online resources, to help organisations provide comprehensive information and support for carers.

With demand for care rising as budgets are being squeezed, we are all looking for effective and affordable ways to improve the lives of carers.

We aim to use our 50 years' experience to help organisations deliver quality support services that will help carers manage caring responsibilities alongside work and family life.

We believe that technology has a vital role to play in supporting carers and digital solutions can prove both cost effective and highly beneficial.

That is why we have developed our Digital Resource - a suite of digital products and online resources to help you get the best results for carers.

Helping you meet your duties under the Care Act

There are over 108,000 carers in Surrey and as budgets get tighter we need to work smarter in reaching out to them. Embedding digital as part of service transformation will allow us to provide greater levels of support to more carers - more effectively and more cost effectively.

Critically, the Digital Resource for Carers will help local authorities meet their Care Act duties on information and advice, prevention and wellbeing, and deliver on the NHSE and ADASS Memorandum of Understanding to support carers across health and social care.

We are proud to be offering this resource to carers in our area through joint work with our partners in health and community services.

– John Bangs, Surrey County Council

What is the Digital Resource for Carers?

The core elements of the Digital Resource are:

  • About Me: building resilience for carers: an e-learning resource that helps carers identify and build networks of support and promotes their self-care.
  • Jointly: Carers UK's care co-ordination app for people sharing care.
  • The role of good nutrition when caring for someone: an e-learning course that aims to help carers understand the role of nutrition both for themselves as well as the person they are looking after.
  • Upfront Guide to Caring: a simple assessment tool to guide people new to caring or seeking support for the first time to navigate the Carers UK website.
  • Looking after someone: Carers Rights Guide: which helps carers understand their rights as a carer and where to go for financial or practical help.
  • Being Heard - a self-advocacy guide for carers: which helps carers develop the skills to self-advocate.
  • Technology and care: Information on how technology can support caring, what solutions are available and how to access relevant products and services.

The resources are hosted on a tailored, joint-branded webpage specifically designed for the exclusive use of your service users and/or employees with caring responsibilities.

In addition to the Carers UK resources provided we will customise your web page to include links to information and resources relevant to your organisation.

Digital Resource

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Added benefits

Dashboard: Once your webpage is live, through your Administrator’s Dashboard, you can access data on use and outcomes that can help you tailor and target your support more effectively.

Free material: Through your Dashboard you can access material that can help you promote and effectively roll out the Digital Resource for Carers. These include:

  • a template email, which you can send to carers known to you (and to organisations who come in contact with carers)
  • a leaflet, which you can attach to your email or distribute separately
  • a poster, which you can display in communal areas where carers are likely to be (internally in your organisation or at GPs, local libraries, etc.)
  • a rollout toolkit with ideas of how to effectively roll out the resource.

Additional resources: Carers UK develops a number of e-learning resources that you can choose to add to the Digital Resource for Carers. See our e-learning courses here.

Find out more

Click here for a list of service providers currently offering the Digital Resource to carers in their area.

Click here to see an example page from one of our partners.

Download our brief guide to the Digital Resource for Carers for detailed information. 

To find out more about the Digital Resource for Carers or to discuss your specific requirements contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Carer using Digital Resource

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Products to help with caring

Carers UK believes that technology has the potential to transform the way we care.

We're working with partners and developing our own products to help this transformation. Browse our growing range of products to help with caring.

  • Jointly

    Jointly is an app which makes communications and coordination between those who share the care as easy as a text message.

  • Nutrition e-learning

    It can be so hard to manage the nutrition of the person you're caring, let alone your own nutrition. This course can help.


Nutrition e-learning for carers

Carers UK has teamed up with Nutricia to develop this e-learning course, which aims to help carers understand the role of nutrition both for yourselves and for the person you're looking after.

Topics covered include:

  • what is good nutrition
  • our nutritional needs throughout life
  • identifying and managing a nutritional gap in the person you care for
  • ensuring you as a carer are meeting your nutritional needs


Employers and service providers

Are you are a service provider or employer and want to offer this course to your service users or employees with caring responsibilities? Contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Get this course

This course is offered by Carers UK in collaboration with Nutricia free of charge. Click the button below to access the course.



The role of good nutrition screenshot 1

The role of good nutrition screenshot 1

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