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TV Licence

You must have a TV Licence if you watch or record programmes on any channel on a TV, computer or other device as they’re broadcast, and if you download or watch BBC programmes on iPlayer. It currently costs £157.50.

However some people are entitled to a free or discounted TV Licence.

More information on who needs a TV Licence can be seen on the TV Licensing website.

Who is entitled to a free TV Licence?

Over 75 TV Licences

Since 1 August, TV licenses are no longer free to everyone who is over 75. If you had a free licence up to 31 July, you will be sent a letter to explain what steps to take next. Find out more.

If you are receiving Pension Credit and over 75, you are still eligible to apply for a free TV Licence, paid for by the BBC. Pension Credit can be in the name of the licence holder, or in any partner’s name if you are part of a couple. Find out more about Pension Credit and whether you can claim this.

If the person aged 75 or over is not the current licence holder at the address, and shares their home with someone younger, they can still apply. They need to call TV Licensing on 0300 790 6112 and their name will be transferred onto the existing licence.

Even if it’s free, you still need to apply for your TV Licence. You can apply online or by phone (0300 790 6112). You will need your National Insurance number to hand. However if you do not have one, you should call TV Licensing on 0300 790 6112 to arrange for another way to prove your age. For the latest updates, visit

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Who is entitled to a discounted TV licence?

Blind or severely sight impaired people

You may be able to get a 50% discount if you’re registered blind or severely sight impaired, or live with someone who is (the licence has to be in the blind or severely sight impaired person’s name. If it isn’t already they need to call TV Licensing on 0300 790 6112 to transfer their name onto the existing licence).

To apply for this discount, the blind or severely sight impaired person needs to send a copy of a certificate from their ophthalmologist or a copy of a certificate or document issued by or on behalf of their local authority (in England, Wales and Scotland) or their Health and Social Services Trust (in Northern Ireland), stating that they are registered blind or severely sight impaired. In the Isle of Man it would be the Department of Health and Social Security.

They need to send this with their application form to TV Licensing. The application form and the TV Licensing address can be seen on the TV Licensing website.

People in residential care

You can get a special licence for £7.50 if you are in residential care and one of the following applies:

  • you are retired and over 60
  • you are disabled.

The manager of the residential care home can apply for you. You can find further information about this discount on the TV Licensing website.

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Ways to pay your TV Licence

The TV Licensing website has a list of the different ways you can pay your TV Licence.

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