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In your local area

Your community is buzzing with local businesses, sports clubs, faith groups, schools, rotary societies, clubs and more, many of which will be looking for charities to support. With 6.5 million people around the UK caring for loved ones who are older, disabled or seriously ill, it is likely that there are unsupported carers in your community.

You can help us connect with these organisations to help us raise money so that we can reach more people who are caring. 

Make connections

Start by thinking of any local businesses that you may have existing contact with. Use your extended network (contacts of contacts) and ask for introductions – LinkedIn can be useful in identifying indirect relationships you never knew you had.

Identify the right person

Make sure you approach the right person - usually the manager. Some big companies have established donation programmes in which the company gives grants, let us know if you come across one and we’ll set our fundraisers on the case.

Think about non-monetary support

Only half of all company giving is in cash. We are always in need of prizes so if a local business can offer items to auction or as raffle prizes it could work well for a national or local event. Other forms of non-monetary support might be to include a flyer for an upcoming challenge event in a staff mailing or selling Christmas cards around the office (we have lots we can send you).

What can be offered in return?

The knowledge that they will be supporting carers across the UK is one of the strongest reasons a business may want to get involve with our cause. Another reason local businesses may donate is that it may lead to more business for them. Carers UK may be able to publicly acknowledge a donation either online or at an event, but check with us first before promising any promotion of the business.  We will let you know how best we can support their work and contribution.

Make the ‘ask’

Ask in person 

If it’s your local business it may be best to make the ask in person. Talk to them about the work we do at Carers UK and, if you are happy to, your experience of caring.

Put your request in writing

A letter outlining what you are doing, what it is you are asking for, and why a company should think about supporting you is often a good starting point – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we’ll email you a template letter.

Let us know who you’re talking to

Keep a record of the businesses that you have success with and pass them on to us along with any photos. Let us know who would like to support Carers UK and together we can steward the organisation through the donation process, ensuring they are thanked and informed about the work of Carers UK.

Examples of businesses you could approach:

Buckhurst Hill Community

We are delighted to have the support of the Buckhurst Hill Residents’ Society located in Epping Forest, Essex. Since 2016 local residents have raised more than £2,200 in support of Carers UK through a range of fundraising activities including a Christmas fête.

Do you know a local association that could raise funds and awareness for Carers UK this year? If so please get in touch!

rsz cheque presentation

Sandy Lodge Golf Club

On 3 June 2017, 100 golfers came togehre at the picturesque Sandy Lodge Golf Club in Northwood, Hertfordshire, for an event kindly organised by Carers UK supporter Colin Gross. The event exceeded all expectations, with the proceeds from ticket sales, Vouchers, raffles and a live auction combining to raise more than £5,000 – enough to fund our Adviceline for a whole working week and respond to over 750 carers needing help and advice.Our thanks go to Colin and the many event volunteers who ensured the day was so successful.
Still, this was only the beginning of our successful relationship with Sandy Lodge. To date their members have raised more than £6,600 through a range of exciting events. 

rsz the winners

Are you interested in organising your own event to support Carers UK? Visit our website or contact Meg on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 0207 378 4988 to get the ball rolling today!

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