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We started our Caring & Family Finances Inquiry in January 2013 to examine the impact of an unprecedented combination of rising living costs and far-reaching changes to social security

Our 12-month investigation exposed the stark reality faced by those looking after loved ones who are older, disabled or seriously ill, including loss of savings, debt and families struggling to afford food and heating.

The Inquiry also revealed that, despite rapid rises in the number of families providing care to loved ones, Government cuts to support leave carers facing a shocking £1 billion cut.

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  • Julie's story

    “We were doing well, but overnight it fell apart. The impact of being unable to work was financially devastating.”

  • Darren's story

    “Even if everything in the house is going well, there is still that financial worry hanging over us.”

  • Bushra's story

    “My life has been torn to pieces. I could not work and now I don’t have enough of my own income to live on.”

  • Gill's story

    “I really don’t like to look to the future. I’m losing all my savings and we may lose the home my parents and I bought.”

  • Annie's story

    “Caring has cost me my career, health, opportunities, friends... How can I put a value on such huge personal costs?”

  • Graham's story

    “Caring takes so much time. I care, work and sleep. I had to stop, or the stress would have killed me."


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