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Carers Scotland welcomes the publication of a Bill for a National Care Service in Scotland

by Fiona Collie 21 June 2022

Carers Scotland today welcomed the publication of a new bill to establish a National Care Service in Scotland.  The Bill sets out how the new service will be established including structures, its fundamental principles and critically, commits to a new right to a break from caring.  

Richard Meade, Director of Carers Scotland said

“We welcome the publication of this new Bill.  There is much to commend it, not least that it sets out in legislation the right for carers to take a break from their caring role. 

However, there is more detail needed on how this legislation will deliver improved services and support to carers and those they care for.

Moreover, the Government must continue to place priority on making change now – in delivering regular breaks, in bringing services back to pre-pandemic levels and in fulfilling their commitment to abolishing care charging.  These simply cannot wait for legislation and the time it will take to establish and embed new systems.”

Read the Scottish Government news release here

Read the Bill as introduced here

Carers Scotland as part of the National Carer Organisations will be developing a briefing for carers shortly.

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