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As part of Carers UK,  we've been campaigning with carers for 50 years, transforming understanding and winning critical developments in carers’ rights.

In these challenging times, our work has never been more important as we seek to protect these rights, while pressing ahead to break new ground.

We are able to speak with authority in our policy and campaigning work because we are grounded in the reality of carers’ experiences, backed up with vital evidence through our research.


We provide briefings on key policy developments, legislation and regulations in policy areas including benefits, health and social care services, employment and equality.

The briefings assess the impact of policy on carers and disabled people and provide research, statistics, recommendations and examples of good practice to parliamentarians, professionals working with carers and our affiliate members.


Through our research we've shone a light on the reality of carers' lives and experiences and together we've made caring one of the pressing policy issues of the 21st century.

Good practice

Carers Scotland works with service providers, international partners and Government to promote examples of good practice which deliver effective support and services to make life better for carers.

We develop practice guides including the latest information on policy, case studies and recommended service models to help practitioners adapt to change and develop new services.

Responding to consultations

Government departments launch consultations when they plan to change the law, introduce new regulations or change the way that public services operate. We respond to these consultations by compiling research, working with carers on case studies and making policy recommendations which ensure carers' needs are properly taken into account.

Policy and research library

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